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We’re constantly adding new drinks and ingredients. When you buy the Cocktail Party app, you get every update for free! Here’s what we’ve added lately →

Peach Flip cocktail recipe with gin, peach, egg, lemon juice, and simple syrup
Peach Flip
Gin, Peach, Egg...
Session Margarita cocktail recipe with dry sherry, tequila, triple sec, lime juice, agave syrup, and salt
Session Margarita
Dry sherry, Blanco tequila, Triple sec...
No Words, I'm Drinking cocktail by Mike Yoshioka, with pineapple rum, banana liqueur, yellow Chartreuse, and lime juice
No Words, I’m Drinking
Pineapple rum, Banana liqueur, Yellow herbal liqueur...
Virga cocktail with gin, aloe liqueur (Chareau), watermelon juice, and lime juice.
Gin, Aloe liqueur, Watermelon...
Sun Stealer cocktail with gin, sweet vermouth, and fernet
Sun Stealer
Gin, Sweet vermouth, Crème de cacao...
Hanky Panky
Gin, Sweet vermouth, Fernet...
Fernandito or Fernet con Coca recipe with fernet and cola
Fernet, Cola,
Seventh Heaven
Gin, Maraschino, Grapefruit...
Tropical Fluff
Sweet orange apéritif, Overproof aged rum, Banana liqueur...
Warm Spring
Amaretto, Sake, Cinnamon...
One-Armed French Hooker cocktail with genever, St. Germain, grapefruit juice, and sparkling white or rose wine.
One-Armed French Hooker
Genever, Elderflower liqueur, Grapefruit...
Kiwi Fizz
Kiwifruit, Mint, Vanilla syrup...

Cocktail Party is the best drink recipe app, period.

No other app (or stack of recipe books, or hours of Googling) can give you so many delicious, lab-tested cocktail recipes that you can make right now.

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See what you can already make

Tell Cocktail Party what ingredients you have, and it'll show you tons of tasty drinks you can make right now.

Have aged tequila, but not blanco tequila? Our "near-miss" functionality will show you all the recipes that work with substitute ingredients, too.

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Superpowered search

With over 1,100 drinks in Cocktail Party - and counting! - it can be hard to find the perfect recipe. We've totally reworked the drink search – now you can search by title, the ingredients a drink calls for, drink tags, and categories.

Add your own drink recipes

We're so excited to finally be able to add our users' #1 most-requested feature: custom drink recipes! Give it a name, pick a glass, choose a color, describe it, and build the recipe using over 270 built-in ingredients.

If you come up with something you'd like to share with other Cocktail Party users, pop into our Discord server!

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Get ideas for new ingredients

Check out the Recommend list for ideas about what to pick up next. See those little numbers off to the right of each ingredient? That number shows you how many more drinks you could make if you owned this ingredient. The Recommended list shows you the top 10 ingredients that would open up access to more drinks. As you check off items, you can update the list to get even more ideas!

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Customize recipes with your own notes

Here's another great feature request from our users - the ability to add custom notes to recipes! This is a great way to keep track of your impressions of a drink, tweaks to a recipe, pointers on technique, preferred ingredient brands, and anything else you can think of.

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Filter with categories and tags

Find your favorites easily, keep a list of recipes to try later, and sort into your own groups. Create your own system to organize drinks, or check out what other users are doing in our Discord server!

This was another great suggestion from our awesome users; it's a handy, flexible way to filter through ever-growing number of cocktails you'll be able to make.

Like to sort by color? Use words like "red" or "purple", or choose emoji labels like 🔴 or 🟪. Want to rate your drinks? No problem - simply add a tag with a number rating, a grade, or even star emojis.

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Show off your ingredient library

Ingredients may be in the cabinet, refrigerator, or pantry – but they’re all in one place in Cocktail Party. Visiting a friend? Create a new library to track their ingredients, without affecting your own.

Getting started

After you get Cocktail Party on the iOS App Store or on Google Play, you’ll need to add your ingredients. Check out these videos to help you get started:

Folks really love Cocktail Party

Leave your review on the iOS App Store or on Google Play

There are lots of cocktail apps, and I’ve tried them all (well, a lot of them anyway). This is the best one. Cocktail Party has a clean UI, interesting write-ups about the cocktails, and the best recipes hands-down

The developers also update the app with new drinks frequently. As of the time of this review it’s almost Christmas, and they just added like 10 new wintery drinks using fun and festive ingredients. But my FAVORITE part is that the app recommends ingredients to add to your liquor cabinet ranked by how many new drinks they’ll allow you to make. E.g. if you add orange juice to your current library, you could make 11 new drinks. So handy!

🇺🇸 Colin in Ohio

I’ve been using the app for a few months now and absolutely love it. It’s very user friendly and feels lovingly created. Highly recommended.

Pourya Shaker

Best app of its kind on the store. And the art is adorable.

🇺🇸 Gareth Marsh

If you can spend 30€ on a gin, you can spend 4-and whatever-€ on the best cocktail app. 

Easy to use, very nice graphic, functional, with a ton of recipes and you have yo give credit to the authors they sure have humor (also a plus: you can switch to metric if you, like me, live on this side of the pond)

Giovanni Piovesan
Great cocktails. Fantastic user interface. Love the funny write ups and commentary. They put heart into this app. Love it!
🇸🇪 Jon Tirsen

Visually pleasing and very simple to use. Great recipes. Worth every penny.

Malinthe Samarakoon

This has always been my favourite cocktail app, and the latest update just makes it even better. 

Love the curated list of cocktails, the presentation, and the ingredient library building. A lot of other cocktail apps have heaps of recipes, with most of them being garbage. But everything in Cocktail Party is a winner!

🇦🇺 totallysucks

Love the gorgeous interface. Love the layout, it works perfectly on iPhone and is even more beautiful on iPad.

The library and search functions are awesome. Huge index of cocktails. Highly recommended and well worth those few euros. Tnx!

🇳🇱 Mattijs77

Just what I wanted. I bought a different cocktail app, but it was no match for this mighty piece of software. Easy, intuitive and very complete.

Derek Santa Monica

Bought a Tiki Cocktail App for $9.99. This one is better. Easier to use and greater variety. This is the one to buy. I love it. 

You won’t be disappointed buying this app. Made our graduation week celebration amazing. Used it to have a drink of the day every day we had family in town. Huge variety of options and made it fun and easy to find different cocktails we’ve never tried.

🇺🇸 Jnscifs

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