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Cocktail Party is an app that shows you the drinks you can make from the ingredients you have – and that’s it. We put a lot of love into it, and we think you’ll love it too.

There are lots of cocktail apps, and I’ve tried them all (well, a lot of them anyway). This is the best one. Cocktail Party has a clean UI, interesting write-ups about the cocktails, and the best recipes hands-down

The developers also update the app with new drinks frequently. As of the time of this review it’s almost Christmas, and they just added like 10 new wintery drinks using fun and festive ingredients. But my FAVORITE part is that the app recommends ingredients to add to your liquor cabinet ranked by how many new drinks they’ll allow you to make. E.g. if you add orange juice to your current library, you could make 11 new drinks. So handy!

🇺🇸 Colin in Ohio

If you can spend 30€ on a gin, you can spend 4-and whatever-€ on the best cocktail app. 

Easy to use, very nice graphic, functional, with a ton of recipes and you have yo give credit to the authors they sure have humor (also a plus: you can switch to metric if you, like me, live on this side of the pond)

Giovanni Piovesan
Great cocktails. Fantastic user interface. Love the funny write ups and commentary. They put heart into this app. Love it!
🇸🇪 Jon Tirsen

Love the gorgeous interface. Love the layout, it works perfectly on iPhone and is even more beautiful on iPad.

The library and search functions are awesome. Huge index of cocktails. Highly recommended and well worth those few euros. Tnx!

🇳🇱 Mattijs77

Just what I wanted. I bought a different cocktail app, but it was no match for this mighty piece of software. Easy, intuitive and very complete.

Derek Santa Monica

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