The Capirucha is a delicious smoky-spicy-sweet cocktail with a gorgeous pink color, from Jesse Torres at Mezcalaria Mixtli in San Antonio.

Torres uses a special Sal de Gusano salt rim for this drink, but you can get a good version of the flavor by mixing equal parts dried chile powder and salt. We’ve specified only a pinch of each here because that’s all that makes it onto the glass rim – but you’ll probably need to pour out a bit more than that onto a plate in order to easily transfer to the glass rim.



Begin by placing your chile powder and salt on a plate and mixing together (you may need to pour out more than the recipe specifies). Using a lime wedge, moisten the rim of a short glass and roll in the chili-salt mix. Fill the glass with ice.

Add all remaining ingredients to a shaker, and add ice. Shake and strain into your prepared glass.

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