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Double Standard

The Double Standard is a lovely little sour from Derric Crothers at Boston’s Green Street. The split gin/rye base is unusual but inspired, offering the crispness of gin juxtaposed with the woody spice of rye. Aged gin would be nice here too, offering a little more of that oaky character.

At Green Street, they make their raspberry “syrup” as more of a puree than a sweet syrup, according to Frederic Yarm over at Cocktail Virgin, who first published the recipe. Made that way, the drink is quite dry and tart. It isn’t bad, but we prefer it with our standard raspberry syrup, since there is no other sweetener in the drink.



Shake all ingredients with ice and strain into a chilled cocktail or coupe glass. Garnish with a lime wheel.

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Game Changer

This is a game changer. When you're at the liquor store, thinking, "Yeah, ok fine what does Ancho Reyes liquor get me?" you open the app, look up Chile liquor and see that it gets you like 11 new cocktails. This is addictive, and indeed worth the price. We're having a blast under quarantine. While some of the ingredients are kind of anonymous, the icons look like the Campari bottle, and the descriptions often tell you if Campari will work or if you need Aperol. If you <3 cocktails, get this.
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