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The Enzoni is a distant cousin of the Negroni and the Gin Sour, with the vermouth component removed and replaced with fresh muddled grapes. Created by Vincenzo Errico at Milk & Honey in NYC, it’s shockingly drinkable, and an excellent entry point for folks who want to get more comfortable with bitter citrus apéritifs but aren’t quite ready for the tongue-dryingly acrid character of a Negroni.

Errico calls for Campari, but you could use sweet Aperol or really any Italian orange bitter – each one lends a different flavor and bitterness, but all are quite pleasant here.

Most recipes – including the original – call for white or green grapes, but we’re partial to a suggestion we heard from cocktail blogger Natalie Jacob: Concord grapes! They add a rich, jammy quality that we love, and they make the color even more intense and lovely. Honestly, you’d be hard-pressed to find a grape that isn’t delicious in the Enzoni; that’s a testament to the brilliance of the recipe.



Muddle the grapes in a cocktail shaker, and then add the remaining ingredients and ice. Shake vigorously and strain into a short ice-filled glass; if your grapes had seeds, you might want to double-strain through a fine mesh sieve. Garnish with a few grapes on a pick.

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