Great Pretender

The Great Pretender is a dangerously drinkable, crazy-potent overproof daiquiri from Thomas Waugh at Death & Co, patterned after his colleague Brian Miller’s Gilda recipe.

Like the Gilda, the Great Pretender features Death & Co’s signature pineapple-lime-cinnamon combination, this time bolstered with a bit of vanilla syrup and banana-esque esters from overproof rum. Waugh calls for Smith & Cross, which falls somewhere between light and dark overproof – we’ve tried it with lighter and darker rums, and it’s equally good each time.

The sugar-and-cinnamon rim seems like overkill, but it helps to keep the overproof rum in check; we heartily endorse it.

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To make the sugared rim, begin by mixing sugar and cinnamon in a shallow dish. Wet the outer rim of a chilled cocktail or coupe glass using a wedge of lime. Roll the glass in the sugar mixture and set aside.

Meanwhile, shake all ingredients with ice, and then strain into the prepared glass.

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