This recipe once appeared on the Umami Mart website, a little e-commerce shop specializing in Japanese goods and featuring a wonderful cocktail blog. We’re so glad we were able to save it before it disappeared – this light, sweet blend of lemon syrup and sparkling sake couldn’t be easier or more refreshing. A lemon- or yuzu-forward oleo saccharum would make a nice replacement for the lemon syrup, too.

When it was first published on Umami Mart, the drink was named simply “Sparkling Sake Lemonade.” We think great cocktails deserve better names than simply a list of their ingredients, so we’ve renamed it Hanabi, the Japanese word for the fireworks that are a mainstay at summertime festivals.

Fill a glass with ice, and build the drink in the glass in the order given. Squeeze the lemon wedge into the drink, drop it in as garnish, and give the whole thing a gentle stir. Garnish with additional lemon slices, if you’d like.

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