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Molto Facile

Molto Facile cocktail with mezcal, lemon juice, simple syrup, blood orange juice, and blood orange soda

We admit it: we’re suckers for the super-adorable, way-trendy technique of serving drinks in “dressed cans.” Take the can one of your ingredients came in, pour it out into a measuring cup, pop the top off with a can opener, and use it as the vessel for your finished drink, appropriately garnished. It couldn’t be easier, or more impressive.

“Molto facile” is Italian for “very easy,” and this fantastic recipe from beverage consultant Tim Cooper for NYC’s Bar Gonzo fits the name.

Cooper calls for Sanpellegrino Aranciata Rosso, a blood-orange soda. Other brands of blood-orange soda will probably be just as tasty, and we’ve even enjoyed it with the regular orange version of the soda. Likewise, while blood orange juice is ideal, any variety of fresh sweet orange will be wonderful.

We first saw it garnished with a dehydrated blood orange wheel and the stained-glass effect is certainly lovely. But if you don’t have a bunch of dried citrus lying around, you can’t go wrong with a fresh wedge of orange and a fat sprig of mint.

Be sure to serve this drink with a straw so that your drinkers don’t run the risk of cutting their lips on a bit of metal left over from the can opener.



Build in a short ice-filled glass in the order given, or follow these instructions for a fancy dressed can:

Pour the orange soda out of its can and reserve. Remove the top of the can with a can opener. Shake everything (except the orange soda) with ice and strain into the can. Top with orange soda, and add enough crushed ice to mound up to the top of the can. Garnish with an orange wheel, and maybe a fat sprig of mint, and serve with a straw.

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