Muddled Mission

Muddled Mission

This drink is another smash hit from legendary bartender Joaquín Simó, while he was at NYC’s Death + Co. We came across it while reading archives of the “Not Cocktail of the Week” posts (it’s a long story) from /r/cocktails admin and all-around lovely human being Hebug.

The original recipe called for a larger proportion of elderflower liqueur, but after reading Hebug’s notes and trying it ourselves, we agree with the modified, lesser amount in his adaptation of the recipe (unless you’re stuck with particularly small, unsweet strawberries).

The gin you select plays a huge part in the character of the drink. It’s lovely with a floral, herbaceous gin like Hendrick’s, and just fine with a London Dry or Plymouth style, but we’d leave the Old Tom gin on the shelf for this one, given the sweetness of the recipe.

The original recipe calls for yellow Chartreuse, and that’s definitely our recommendation. We’ve tried it with Suze and Strega, and they are decent, but imperfect substitutes.



Add the strawberry to your shaker and gently muddle to release its juices. Add the remaining ingredient and shake with ice. Strain (you may wish to double-strain) into a chilled cocktail or coupe glass. Garnish with a fresh strawberry.

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