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Beach Towel

Beach Towel cocktail with light rum, syrup, lime juice, cream, strawberries, and banana

The Beach Towel is admittedly a bit of a fuss to make – but it’s delicious and worth the effort, especially if you’re mixing a batch for a crowd. The two-tone treatment isn’t just for looks; the strawberry and banana flavors are distinct and appealing separately as well as mixed.

We’re not often fans of blended daiquiri recipes, hailing as they do from the Dark Ages of cocktail culture, when sweetness came first and balance was an afterthought. We make an exception for the Beach Towel; it’s everything we want from a summery, slushy, fruity cocktail.

We’ve made this with banana syrup and strawberry syrup in the respective layers, and it’s fabulous – but for the sake of flavor and visual consistency, don’t mix red strawberry syrup into the banana layer! You could amp up the tropical vibes with coconut syrup, or coconut milk or cream in place of the heavy cream.

We’re not sure exactly who invented this; it first appeared in a Saveur article by Robert Simonson, but it’s unclear if it was his creation.



Start by creating the strawberry layer: mix half the rum, half the syrup, half the lime juice, and all of the strawberries with ice in a blender on high speed. Pour into a tall glass or goblet, and place in the freezer to set while you create the second layer.

For the banana layer, mix the remaining rum, syrup, and lime, along with the banana and cream in a blender with ice in a blender on high-speed. Retrieve the glass from the freezer, and carefully pour over the first layer for a two-tone effect. Garnish with a straw, fresh fruit, a little paper parasol – the works.

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