Christmas Goose

Christmas Goose

Christmas Goose cocktail with genever, sloe gin, Benedictine, and aromatic bitters

The Christmas Goose is the creation of Peter Cipriani at Franklin Southie, a Boston institution often covered on Cocktail Virgin Slut in its cocktail-blogging heyday. It’s a nice alternative to heavy, creamy holiday cocktails, and offers a nice nose of spices, honey, and berry scents.



Stir all ingredients with ice until chilled. Strain into a chilled cocktail or coupe glass.

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Great drinks-great app

Great cocktail app. Very good list of drinks that actually are well made and tasty. I have used other apps that just were overloaded with tons of junk drinks. It feels like the creators of this app actually enjoyed making the drinks and decided which were good enough to add to the list. Really appreciate the perpetual updates drinks listing too. Hate paying for things more than once.
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