Kiwifruit, pisco, and passion fruit are the perfect summer companions. There’s no better proof than the Kiwicha, a gentle tropical sour from Enrique Sanchez at La Mar, a Peruvian restaurant in San Francisco.

You don’t have to double-strain the drink; some folks enjoy the crunchy pips of kiwifruit. If you decide not to strain it, you can save yourself some effort by serving the drink unstrained, on the ice you shook it with. Kiwifruit is thick and takes extra time to strain, and you’ve (presumably) got a pool you need to be sitting by.

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Peel the half-kiwi and muddle it in your shaker. Add the remaining ingredients and shake well. Double strain into an ice-filled short glass (or just serve unstrained). Garnish with a slice of fresh or dried kiwi.

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