Green Goddess

The Green Goddesss was served at Peli Peli, a now-closed South African fusion restaurant in Houston, Texas. It’s a fresh, floral, fizzy blend of kiwi, elderflower, lime, soda, and a botanical gin like Hendrick’s.

A flavored sparkling water will work fine as a topper, if you have a lime, cucumber, or similar flavor that you enjoy. The kiwi seeds don’t need to be strained out, but they do tend to get caught in the bubbles at the top of the drink; a straw is a nice compromise.

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Peel the kiwi half and muddle it in a shaker. Add the remaining ingredients (except the sparkling water), and shake well. Strain into a tall ice-filled glass and top with the sparkling water. Garnish with a fresh kiwi or lime slice and serve with a straw.

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