Peachy Pachacuti

Peachy Pachacuti was the losing entry in a Peruvian cocktail competition, after its creator, legendary mixologist Thomas Waugh forgot one of the ingredients when serving it to the judges (happens to the best of us!)

Made properly, it’s a fluffy peach dream, lush with the ripe taste of summer. Waugh’s recipe calls for Greek yogurt, but really any plain yogurt will do; it’s there to add just a bit of creamy tang.

Serving the Peachy Pachacuti over a single large ice cube in a snifter or goblet glass helps to concentrate the lovely aromas before the drinker takes a sip. It’s a nice effect, but it’s still plenty fragrant and beautiful served in any short glass with whatever ice you’ve got.

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Muddle the peach slices in a shaker. Add the remaining ingredients and shake well with ice. Double-strain through a fine mesh sieve into a snifter, goblet, or short glass over a single large ice cube.

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