Peppermint Dandy cocktail with coffee liqueur, cream liqueur, creme de cacao, and Fernet Branca Menta

Peppermint Dandy

“Minty hot chocolate” was the theme for Fabien Piccoli at Brooklyn’s Antica Pesa, and we’d say he hit it out of the park with the Peppermint Dandy. It’s our new favorite holiday cocktail, a perfect chocolate dinner mint with depth and complexity from coffee liqueur and Branca Menta, a mint-forward fernet.

Piccoli’s recipe as printed in Imbibe didn’t specify the cream liqueur; we’re partial to RumChata, a rice-based liqueur based on Mexican horchata.

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If you’d like a festive rim, crush up some mint candies in a shallow dish. Rim half or all of the glass’ outer lip with simple syrup and roll in the dish, pressing the candy pieces into the syrup. Shake ingredients with ice, and strain into the prepared glass.

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