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Piranha Punch

The Piranha Punch is the creation of mixologist Tiki Lindy, invented for her Halloween “SpookTiki” event. It’s fruity, sweet, and just a touch bitter from Campari (although you could use any bitter citrus apéritif, including the sweeter Aperol).

This drink benefits a bold, full-bodied rum to stand up to the sweetness and cut through the rich guava nectar. Tiki Lindy calls for Lemon Hart 1804 Rum, but you can use any black, dark, demerara or aged rum you like.

The splash of grenadine at the end isn’t really for flavor; rather, it’s meant to evoke the bloody waters after a piranha feast! Save your good stuff; neon-red, low-quality grenadine is ideal here.



Shake all ingredients (except the grenadine) briefly with crushed ice. Pour unstrained into a tall glass or tiki mug. Top with more crushed ice and pour the grenadine over the ice.

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