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Snake Hips Swizzle

The Snake Hips Swizzle is a delicious concoction from Death & Co’s Joaquín Simó, with all the looks of a classic tiki drink. The flavor, though, is wholly unexpected: nutty sherry, sweet maple and cinnamon, and rich cognac and orange come together for a taste reminiscent of a lovely coffee cake.

Depending on the sherry you use (Simó calls for cream sherry, one of the lighter types of sweet sherry), the drink can pull quite sweet. If you don’t have a particularly sweet tooth, you might want to start with a little less maple syrup, and add more to taste.



Shake everything (except the bitters) without ice (wrapping your shaker in a tower will prevent a leaky mess). Pour into a tall glass filled with crushed or pebble ice. Hold the handle of a long barspoon or swizzle stick between your palms, and slide your hands back and forth to swizzle the drink until it’s chilled. Top off with more ice if needed, add the bitters to the top, and swizzle a bit more to incorporate.

If that all sounds too fussy for you, it’s nearly as good to just lightly shake all ingredients with crushed or pebble ice, and pour instrained into a tall glass, goblet or tiki mug. Either way, serve with a straw – no garnish needed.

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