Warm Spring

Hot sake and amaretto – who’da thunk? Apparently the Hakushika Sake company thunk, when they added this recipe to their list of suggested cocktail recipes. It’s a gentle, spirit-warming concoction that tastes more of sugar than alcohol, suitable for a cool autumn night.

We had to double the recipe to get it to fit in the Irish Coffee mugs we had in the lab, but it was easy math, and even easier to simply eyeball. One part amaretto to two parts sake together should fill slightly less than half the glass, with hot water filling the rest.

Hakushika’s original recipe called for a sugar cube to be added to the drink, but we found it unbearably sweet. The sake and amaretto are plenty sweet enough on their own.

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Add the sake and amaretto to a heat-resistant mug or glass. Top with an equal amount of hot water. Stir gently with the cinnamon stick and leave the stick in the glass as a garnish.

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