Lerotse, Tsamma melon

Watermelon is a lovely gorgeous fruit (a berry, technically!) with an emerald-green outside and lovely pink or red fruit on the inside. It’s a tricky ingredient to use in cocktails, as its watery consistency and mild flavor can easily be overrun by stronger, more concentrated ingredients.

Some recipes here call for muddling the melon in the glass or in a shaker – easy enough – while others call for watermelon juice. Making the juice is easy – just cube up some watermelon, place it in a large measuring glass or bowl, and push down on it with a muddler, your hands, or a spatula to express the juice. Pour it through a strainer to remove the flesh, and it’s ready to use in your drink.

Melon liqueur

Cocktails that use Watermelon

Ajax Punch
Watermelon, Cucumber, Lime...
Unaged cachaça, Watermelon, Lime...
Melon Stand
Gin, Sweet orange apéritif, Watermelon...
Merchant’s Wife
Watermelon, Gin, Sweet orange apéritif...
Pharaoh Cooler
Blanco tequila, Watermelon, Lime...
Blanco tequila, Sweet orange apéritif, Watermelon...
Water Tower lower-proof cocktail with fresh watermelon and blanc vermouth
Water Tower
Blanc vermouth, Watermelon,
Watermelon Julep
Bourbon, Watermelon, Mint syrup...