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Basil Spritz

This Basil Spritz from Erik Hakkinen at Washington’s Bar Hitchcock is the perfect sipper for those heady late-summer days, when you can feel just a hint of autumn’s approach in the air.

Basil and pear are an unusual combination – but they oughtn’t be, when they can be paired so beautifully! Crisp dry gin and bright lemon juice form the bridge between summer and fall, and a split topper of sparkling water and dry sparkling white wine keeps the whole thing light, effervescent, and totally day-drinkable.



Shake everything (except the sparkling water and wine) with ice. Strain into a tall ice-filled glass, goblet, or wine glass and top with the sparkling water and sparkling wine. Garnish with a basil leaf, slapped between your palms before being tucked into the edge of the glass.

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