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Bourbon & Root Beer

As bona fide cocktail snobs, we always hesitate before adding cocktail “recipes” that consist merely of a spirit and a mixer – will people think we’re slacking off? Will our users tolerate an update that doesn’t include a twelve-ingredient tiki drink?

History has shown us that yes, there is value in including simple two-ingredient drinks in Cocktail Party – if only to spare our users the doubt of wondering if this spirit goes with that mixer, and in what proportion.

So we’re here to say that YES, bourbon and root beer are delicious together! The last decade or two has seen a surging interest in craft root beers; an A&W or Barq’s is fine with bourbon, but a small-batch bottling of root beer with genuine flavors and less sugar is truly incredible. It really does have to be bourbon, though, and not rye or blended whiskey; there’s just something about the unique flavor of bourbon that is so naturally suited to the vanilla, molasses, and spice notes of quality root beer.



Build in a tall ice-filled glass in the order given. Garnish with a wedge or wheel of lemon, if you’ve got it.

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I've used a number of mix drink apps, and this one is by FAR the BEST! I've made a couple dozen drinks so far, and they're delicious. It suits my quality wants while (more importantly) suiting my inherent laziness. You put in what you have on hand, and it automatically lists all the drinks you can make! There's info on all the ingredients, which is pretty neat to learn some backstory. What I truly like is I can click an ingredient and it shows how many more drinks I can make. It's pretty fun picking up a new item and seeing 8 new drinks to try. There's a setting on the iPad that locks the app on so people can switch on the mixing app without letting anyone out of it, so I leave it by the bar and people can use it without worry of people snooping around. ;) The combination of all the drinks and this app that makes searching for, and making a drink, easy peezy lemon squeezey, and gives a real feeling of sophistication.
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