Simple Cocktails

This category of drinks contains some of the easiest-to-make drinks – perfect for an after-work drink that doesn’t require a lot of mixing time or special ingredients.

The beginner-friendly recipes run the gamut – from classics like the Old Fashioned to newfangled treats like the rich, fragrant Revolver.

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Berlioni cocktail with gin, artichoke amaro, and dry vermouth
Gin, Artichoke amaro, Dry vermouth...
Benediction sparkling cocktail with Bénédictine, orange bitters or twist, and sparkling white wine
Sweet herbal liqueur, Orange, Sparkling white wine...
Blended whiskey, Fernet, Simple syrup...
Bourbon & Root Beer
Bourbon, Root beer,
Dry Manhattan
Rye whiskey, Dry vermouth, Aromatic bitters...
Manhattan Bianco
Bourbon, Blanc vermouth, Lemon...
French Manhattan
Cognac, Sweet vermouth, Orange curaçao...
Walnut Manhattan
Bourbon, Sweet vermouth, Walnut liqueur...
Bourbon, Butterscotch liqueur, Ginger wine...
Met Manhattan
Bourbon, Orange curaçao, Butterscotch liqueur...
Cognac, Green herbal liqueur, Triple sec...
Royal 75
Orange bitters, Gin, Lychee liqueur...
Shoot the Moon
Gin, Pear brandy, Cinnamon syrup...
Vodka Soda
Vodka, Sparkling water, Lemon...
Brandy & Soda
Brandy, Sparkling water,
Whisky Mac Toddy
Scotch, Ginger wine,
Mezcal & Soda
Mezcal, Sparkling water, Salt...
Vodka, Dry vermouth, Orange bitters...
Stone & Gravel
Overproof light rum, Ginger wine,
Pisco & Soda
Pisco, Sparkling water,
Gin & Soda
Gin, Sparkling water, Lime...
Genever & Tonic
Genever, Tonic water,
Vodka Tonic
Vodka, Tonic water, Lime...
Whisky Mac
Scotch, Ginger wine,

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