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Pisco & Soda

Love pisco, but looking for something lighter than a Chilcano or easier than a Pisco Sour? The Pisco & Soda might be just the ticket! This is often the first drink we make with a new bottle of pisco; the effervescence of the soda’s bubbles bring out the complex grape-and-floral flavors of the spirit.

For many spirit-and-soda drinks, we often recommend trying it with a well-made flavored sparkling water. This hold true for the Pisco & Soda as well, but with a caveat: since pisco has such delicate, ephemeral flavors, you should made sure that the flavored sparkling water you use is mildly flavored that that it doesn’t overpower the pisco.



Add the ingredients to a tall ice-filled glass in the order given. Stir gently to incorporate. Garnish with a mint bunch and a slice of cucumber, or a wedge of lime.

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