Vodka Tonic

For a long time, we held off on adding two-ingredient drinks like the Vodka Tonic to Cocktail Party. We figured they were too simple, or not interesting to our users – but we were wrong!

So many of you have written in to ask for the inclusion of two- and three-ingredient cocktails, and it makes sense – the profusion of high-end flavored vodkas and new tonics made with ever-more creative ingredients has made even the simplest cocktails like this into a rich canvas for experimentation.

Made with, say, a local vodka, a boutique tonic water (Fever Tree has put out some awesome flavors), and a fat wedge of fresh citrus, and this is a drink worthy of calling a cocktail, even if it doesn’t meet the strictest dictionary definitions.

Build in a tall ice-filled glass in the order given. Squeeze the citrus wedge over the drink before dropping it in. Stir gently, just to incorporate.

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