Bunny Mother

The Bunny Mother comes to us from the 1971 Playboy’s Host and Bar Book, and was first served at the Playboy Club in San Francisco. It’s one of the better orange juice highballs of the era; in a decade that produced oodles of forgettable, too-sweet mistakes, the Bunny Mother stands out for its tart, well-balanced flavors.

The original recipe called for the triple sec (Cointreau, specifically) to be reserved and floated on top of the drink, which was then served with a straw. As you drink from the bottom of the glass through the straw, the triple sec is gradually drawn down and blended with the rest of the drink.

It’s an interesting touch, but ultimately don’t do much for the drink – and woe to the drinker who skips the straw and gets a mouthful of pure triple sec. We prefer to mix it all up together and serve it strawless.

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Shake all ingredients with ice (except the triple sec, if you prefer to serve it floated atop the drink). Strain into an ice-filled tall glass, and top with triple sec if you reserved it earlier. Garnish with a cherry and a slice of orange.

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