Enemy Lines

Death & Co. cocktail recipes are famous for splitting bases and pairing unconventional ingredients, and Enemy Lines from Jillian Vose is no exception.

Aquavit and tequila are probably two of the oddest bedfellows we’ve seen constitute the spirit base of a cocktail, but they work so well together. The oaky, aged flavors of the tequila somehow highlight the sweetness of aquavit, while the dill and caraway notes blend seamlessly with the bitters (another split, between aromatic and Peychaud’s creole bitters).

Though the lemon peel is only squeezed over the drink and then discarded, it’s a critical element of the drink and ties the flavors together perfectly. Don’t skip it!

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Stir all ingredients (except the lemon peel) with ice until chilled. Strain into a short glass over ice (preferably one large cube or sphere). Squeeze the lemon peel over the drink and discard.

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