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Horse’s Neck

Horse's Neck cocktail with bourbon, ginger ale, and bitters

The Horse’s Neck is a classic American cooler, originating in Atlantic city sometime in the early 20th century. It’s distinguished by its garnish: a long, loopy twist of lemon filling the glass, with the end draped over the edge of the glass like a horse poking his head over the stable wall.

Given its age, the Horse’s Neck has seen many variations on its recipe. Early recipes call for brandy, although we prefer newer variants with bourbon as the base spirit. It can be made with either ginger ale or sparkling water; we like the sweetness of ginger ale (or the bite of ginger beer), but it’s refreshing with sparkling water too.



Peel a long, thin strip of lemon – as long as you can get it! Coil it up by twisting it around your finger, and then drop it into the glass, with the end peeking over the lip of the glass. Carefully fill the glass with ice, making sure the lemon twist is nicely arranged against the outer edges of the glass. Build the drink in the glass in the order given.

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