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If someone ever invents tequila candy, it’ll taste like the Prado, a clever riff on the Margarita template. Invented by Kacy Fitch of Seattle’s Zig Zag Cafe, it swaps the traditional orange liqueur for funky maraschino and adds half of an egg white (or aquafaba, a vegan alternative) for a bit of fluffy texture.

Wresting a half-measure of whites from an egg is no easy task, so here’s a little tip: After separating the white from the yolk, beat the whites a bit to break down the proteins and make them easier to measure out.



Dry-shake all ingredients: first without ice, and then again with ice added. Double-strain through a fine mesh strainer into a chilled small cocktail or coupe glass. Garnish with a lime twist.

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Great app!

Yes! The latest update has fixed the bugs that annoyed me and added the features I was after. Love the curated list of cocktails! My favorite cocktail app (and I've tried a few).
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