We’ve been huge fans of this recipe for years, originally published as “Rosé Strawberry Lemonade” on Amy Traynor’s excellent Moody Mixologist site. We’ve swapped in just about every kind of berry syrup for the strawberry syrup in the original, and it’s always perfectly light, drinkable, and utterly delicious. It even works with other syrups, like lemon and rose! It’s become such a fixture ’round these parts that it’s earned this shortened nickname – all the easier to yell “Would you make me a Rosémonade?” from the pool.

If flavored sparkling water is all you have, a splash of a matching flavor (lemon or berry) wouldn’t be too out of place here. If you’re using sparkling rosé, you may wish to reduce or omit the sparkling water.

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Build ingredients in the order given in an ice-filled wine glass. Garnish with fresh berries and mint.

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