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Spring Fever

Spring Fever is a gorgeous bouquet of beautiful botanical flavors from Jamie Steinberg, beverage director at NYC’s Motel Morris. It’s a lovely seasonal sipper that stands up to any number of swaps and substitutions.

Botanical gin like Hendrick’s is gorgeous here, but a London Dry or Plymouth gin is crisp and bright. Elderflower syrup brings a delicate sweetness, but elderflower liqueur works just as well for a dryer character. And while we typically recommend a dry sparkling rosé in a cocktail, anything goes here – a hyper-sweet American sparkling pink Moscato fares just as well as the more acidic Sassetti vino spumante rosé that Steinberg uses.



Pour the sparkling wine into a wine glass or goblet. Shake the remaining ingredients with ice, and pour unstrained into the prepared glass. Top with more ice if needed, and garnish with a lemon wheel.

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