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Whiskey Sour

Whiskey Sour whiskey and lemon cocktail

This classic cocktail is best made with bourbon, though any whiskey will do in a pinch. For a nuanced take, try using Meyer lemons, a thin-skinned lemon-orange hybrid that adds a sweet herbal note that really brings out the flavors of a good bourbon.



Add all the ingredients plus ice to a shaker. Give it a few good shakes (you don’t want to water it down too much), and pour into a short glass over ice.

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We downloaded the app after seeing it as one of the top posts on /r/cocktails, and we've been playing around with it and adding our ingredients to the list. While it's not an all inclusive list of ingredients (missing some creme de ), it's a solid overall app and tosses out some truly spectacular recipes based on what you have in your liquor cabinet. Minor quibbles for an otherwise fantastic application!
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