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Crème de noyaux

Bottle of Creme de Noyaux, an almond-flavored liqueur used for cocktail recipes

Crème de noyaux is an old-fashioned almond-flavored liqueur that was all but forgotten until spirits producer Tempus Fugit put out a new bottling of the candy-apple-red liqueur. Like amaretto, the “almond” flavor is actually derived from the pit of apricots and cherries. It is very similar to amaretto, with a slightly more complex flavor reminiscent of old marzipan candies.

Truth be told, only the biggest fans of almond liqueurs or historical spirits need invest in this one. Aside from the bright red color (derived from cochineal – so, not vegan), it is almost entirely interchangeable with amaretto in every drink but the Pink Squirrel and a handful of others.

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