Ginger wine

Green ginger wine, Crabbie's Green Ginger Wine, Stone's Ginger Wine

Ginger wine is a spirit made from a fermented mash of ginger root and raisins, often fortified with brandy. It’s a popular tipple in the UK and Germany, and is even beginning to pop up from producers in the US.

Compared to ginger beer, ginger wine is less spicy and has a more complex flavor profile. It’s also not carbonated, although it is lovely with fizzy beverages (bitter lemon soda is our favorite). It is thinner, less sweet and less spicy than ginger liqueur, and can’t be used interchangeably with it.

Ginger ale
Ginger beer
Ginger liqueur
Ginger syrup

Cocktails that use Ginger wine

Ginger Bumble
Scotch, Scotch whisky liqueur, Ginger wine...
Bourbon, Butterscotch liqueur, Ginger wine...
Stone & Gravel
Overproof light rum, Ginger wine,
Whisky Mac
Scotch, Ginger wine,
Whisky Mac Toddy
Scotch, Ginger wine,