Rainwater Madeira, Colheita, Frasqueira

Madeira is a fortified wine made in the Portuguese Madiera Islands. Like Port wine, Madeira was invented when sailors added sugar alcohol to wine to stabilize and preserve it on long journeys. It can be dry or sweet, and has a strong oxidized raisin flavor.

Dry sherry
Sweet sherry
White Port

Cocktails that use Madeira

A Wish for Grace
Aged rum, Madeira, Orange curaçao...
Bosom Caresser
Brandy, Madeira, Orange curaçao...
Kansai Kick
Japanese whisky, Madeira, Lime...
Pit Stop Flip
Apple brandy, Madeira, Maple syrup...
Thyme of the Year
Madeira, Vodka, Apple...