Prepared horseradish

Tewkesbury mustard, Krensenf, Meerrettichsenf, Tafelmeerrettich, Wasabi

A paste made from a bitter, astringent root from the same plant family that gives us mustard and wasabi. When this ingredient is called for in the Bloody Mary and other similar drinks, feel free to use a mustard/horseradish blend, if that’s all you have on hand. Since wasabi is now commonly made from horseradish, you might want to try it as a substitute to add a wonderfully bitter complexity to your Bloody drinks.

Cocktail onions
Hot sauce

Cocktails that use Prepared horseradish

Bloody Bull
Vodka, Tomato, Beef broth...
Bloody Mary
Vodka, Tomato, Lemon...
Vodka, Tomato, Clam juice...
Eichardt’s Bloody Mary
Tomato, Vodka, Black pepper...