Giostra d’Alcol

Cocktail inspiration can come from the unlikeliest of sources – as in the case of the Giostra d’Alcol (“carousel of alcohol”), originally devised in the 1930s by Italian Futurist artist Enrico Prampolini. The recipe was listed in the now-out-of-print book Futurist Mixology and called for some unusual ingredients like citron soda and a chocolate-and-cheese garnish.

Naren Young of NYC’s Dante dug up the recipe and streamlined it for modern tastes. If you have access to Italian citron soda, do go ahead and use it here – if not, any dry lemon soda will do.

The bitter apéritif you choose is up to you. It’s delicious with both Campari and Aperol – but we like it best with Cappalletti, which falls between its better-known cousins in both sweetness and bitterness.

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Build in an ice-filled short or tall glass glass in the order given, and stir gently to combine. Garnish with an orange slice.

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