Pom Pomme

Pom Pomme

The Pom Pomme, from Serious Eats drinks contributor Autumn Giles, is our new favorite cocktail to serve at autumn and winter gatherings. It’s beautiful, fragrant, and delicious. The unexpected bubbles from cider are a nice change of pace from the usual sparkling wine cocktails, and the slow burn of ginger along the sweetness of apple and pomegranate are a perfect accompaniment to food and festivities.

It’s also dead simple to throw together for a crowd. You can mix the spirit-and-juice base in a pitcher ahead of time, and simply top with the apple cider as you serve. A dryer apple cider works best, we think – but any sparkling cider you like will do well here.



Shake everything (except the cider) with ice. Strain into a chilled cocktail or coupe glass and top with the sparkling cider.

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I'm shocked that there are no reviews listed for this app. I found it on reddit's cocktails forum. The drink list in this app is much shorter than in many of the other apps I've seen, but the quality and reliability of the recipes is much much higher. These are more like the drinks you would get at a good mixology bar instead of the drink equivalent of your aunt's jello fruit mold that people just "love." I much prefer a list of cocktails that are reliable, good and repeatable than a huge pile of garbage recipes. This app is great and delivers great, reliable cocktails.
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