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Salty Bastard

Salty Bastard cocktail by Erick Castro, with mezcal, Cynar, honey syrup, and sea salt

The Salty Bastard from Erick Castro at San Diego’s Polite Provisions is well-named; one can easily image a leathery old pirate sipping on this fine blend of smoky mezcal and artichoke amaro, tamed with a touch of honey and the ever-present salt of the sea.

Use a light hand with the salt – a pinch is almost too much. We like to go big with the orange twist garnish, peeling off as large a swathe as we can manage. It doesn’t need to be squeezed into the drink; it offers the perfect amount of fragrance merely resting in the glass.



Stir all ingredients with ice until well-chilled. Strain into an ice-filled short glass. Garnish with a wide orange strip of orange peel.

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