Apricot brandy

Eau de vie, Pálinka, Pálenka, Stara Sokolova Kasija, Blume Marillen

Apricot brandies can range from semisweet, orange-hued spirits,  to ultra-dry, crystal clear eaux de vie (like Hungarian pálinka and other classic European fruit spirits).

“Brandy” is a term without much meaning in the spirits world, truth be told – it can mean a dry, barely-sweet spirit (like apple or pear brandy), or a syrupy, thick liqueur (think cherry and blackberry brandy). In our effort to standardize terms, we generally call the dryer spirits “brandy” and the sweet ones “liqueur,” and that holds true for apricot spirits.

Apricot liqueur
Peach liqueur
Stone fruit jam

Cocktails that use Apricot brandy

Apricot Fizz
Apricot liqueur, Lemon, Sparkling water...
Apricot Sour
Apricot liqueur, Lemon, Simple syrup...
Virgin Island Kula
Apricot brandy, Gin, Aged rum...