Fernet Branca, Letherbee Fernet, Fernet Vallet, R. Jelinek Fernet

Fernet is a bitter Italian digestif, a member of the larger amari family. Compared to an amaro, a fernet is likely to be drier, more bitter, and typically features mint more centrally among its botanical flavorings. That said, some fernet – like Fernet Branca Menta – are so strongly mentholated that they can’t always be used interchangeably, so be sure to take a look at the “Mint fernet” ingredient too.

Mint fernet

Cocktails that use Fernet

Avenue & Davenport
Rye whiskey, Bourbon, Artichoke amaro...
Dickensian Villain
Rye whiskey, Pineapple rum, Grenadine...
Fernandito or Fernet con Coca recipe with fernet and cola
Fernet, Cola,
Fernet, Bitter orange apéritif,
Hanky Panky
Gin, Sweet vermouth, Fernet...
Noggin Knocker creamy cocktail with bourbon, Fernet Branca, milk, maple syrup, and a whole egg
Noggin Knocker
Bourbon, Fernet, Milk...
Praying Mantis creamy cocktail with Fernet Branca Menta, horchata liqueur, creme de cacao, and creme de menthe
Praying Mantis
Mint fernet, Horchata liqueur, Crème de cacao...
San Francisco Nog
Sugar cube, Fernet, Heavy whipping cream...
Sun Stealer cocktail with gin, sweet vermouth, and fernet
Sun Stealer
Gin, Sweet vermouth, Crème de cacao...
Blended whiskey, Fernet, Simple syrup...