Kiwi, Chinese gooseberry, Huakiwi

The kiwifruit is a large berry with a sometimes-fuzzy skin and a juicy interior. The flavor is gentle, tart, and sweet. Kiwifruit flesh can be green, yellow, even orange or white. While the skin is edible, it doesn’t offer much flavor; for cocktails, you’ll want to either scoop out the fruit with a spoon, or halve the kiwifruit and carefully slice off the skin.

Agave nectar
Aged cachaça
Aged gin
Aged rhum agricole
Aged rum
Aged tequila
Allspice dram
Almond extract

Cocktails that use Kiwifruit

Green Goddess
Kiwifruit, Botanical gin, Elderflower liqueur...
Kiwi Fizz
Kiwifruit, Mint, Vanilla syrup...
Kiwi-Sea cocktail, with fresh kiwi, light or spiced rum, apricot brandy, lemon juice, and agave syrup
Kiwifruit, Light rum, Apricot liqueur...
Kiwifruit, Pisco, Lemon...