Pomegranate juice

Pom Wonderful

Pomegranates are hard-shelled fruits that, when cracked open, reveal a juicy geode of ruby-red arils. The arils can be chewed and eaten as-is, or pressed to produce a tart, fragrant juice that’s perfect for balancing spirits and sweeteners in cocktails.

If you don’t have access to the fresh fruits, bottled pomegranate juice is a fine alternative – just be sure it’s actually 100% pure pomegranate juice.

Cranberry juice
Pomegranate molasses

Cocktails that use Pomegranate juice

Hearts of Pom
Blanco tequila, Triple sec, Pomegranate juice...
Lemon Pom
Lemon, Sake, Pomegranate juice...
Persephone’s Bouquet
Vodka, Pomegranate juice, Orange...
Pom Pomme
Ginger liqueur, Apple brandy, Pomegranate juice...
Port au Prince
Aged rhum agricole, Falernum liqueur, Lime...
Mint, Ginger, Soju...