Brandied cherries

Maraschino cherries, Cocktail cherries, Luxardo cherries, Amarena cherries, Fabbri cherries

Brandied cherries are preserved, sweetened cherries. The best ones are preserved in brandy or other spirits, and take on a dark red-black color. They’re sometimes called “Maraschino” cherries, with a hard “skee” instead of the soft “shee” pronunciation unique to the neon-red, near-flavorless traditional American cocktail cherry.

Cherry bitters
Cherry brandy

Cocktails that use Brandied cherries

Brandied cherries, Orange, Aromatic bitters...
Coctel Noz de Coco Tropical
Brandied cherries, Cognac, Maraschino...
Tart N’ Sand
Brandied cherries, Scotch, Blood orange liqueur...
Wisconsin Old Fashioned
Orange, Brandied cherries, Aromatic bitters...