Cold-pressed cider, Apple cider, Pear cider

Cider is a non-alcoholic type of apple juice that hasn’t been filtered to remove sediment, giving it an opaque appearance. In the US, it’s typically found in stores during the fall and winter holidays and is sometimes spiced or mulled for flavor.

Apple bitters
Apple brandy
Apple liqueur
Apple vodka
Hard cider

Cocktails that use Cider

Apple Sauced
Bourbon, Maple syrup, Lemon...
Mezcal, Cider, Lemon...
Bourbon, Butterscotch liqueur, Ginger wine...
Rye whiskey, Cider, Sweet herbal liqueur...
Hot Buttered Cider
Honey, Clove, Cider...
Sazerac and Cider
Sugar cube, Creole bitters, Rye whiskey...
Stone Fence
Dark rum, Aromatic bitters, Cider...