Apple vodka


Apple vodkas range in quality from swill to swell. The bottle should say “infused,” not “flavored” – the former meaning that real apples were steeped in the vodka.

Apple bitters
Apple brandy
Apple liqueur
Hard cider

Cocktails that use Apple vodka

Angel Face
Gin, Apple brandy, Apricot liqueur...
Apple Sidecar
Vodka, Apple brandy, Lemon...
Eve’s Seduction
Apple vodka, Amaretto, Lime...
Laid Back
Gin, Apple vodka, Pineapple...
Mint Apple Crisp
Apple, Simple syrup, Mint...
Vodka Soda
Vodka, Sparkling water, Lemon...
Vodka Tonic
Vodka, Tonic water, Lime...