Jasmine syrup

Jasmine syrup is a sweetener flavored with the delicate white blossoms of the jasmine flower. It’s a relatively rare cocktail ingredient, but we love to see it in a recipe – especially alongside other fragrant botanical elements like gin, cucumber, and rose.

Elderflower syrup
Hibiscus syrup
Lavender syrup
Rose syrup

Cocktails that use Jasmine syrup

Bring June Flowers
Cucumber, Vodka, Gentian liqueur...
Old Fashioned
Bourbon, Aromatic bitters, Simple syrup...
Pearl Collins
Gin, White wine apéritif, Jasmine syrup...
Persephone’s Bouquet
Vodka, Pomegranate juice, Orange...
White Tie & Tiara
Rose water, Citrus vodka, Lychee...