Raspberries, a member of the rose family, bring a delicate flavor and a brilliant ruby color to drinks they’re used in. You can sometimes find black, purple or golden raspberries, and they’re just as delicious!

Raspberries have crunchy, unpleasant little seeds – be sure to double-strain drinks that use fresh raspberry, lest your drinkers end up with bits in their teeth.

Berry jam
Raspberry liqueur
Raspberry syrup

Cocktails that use Raspberry

Bruja Smash
Blanco tequila, Yellow herbal liqueur, Lemon...
Dear Prudence
Vodka, Lemon, Grapefruit...
Honey-Berry Lemonade
Strawberry, Blueberry, Raspberry...
La Bomba
Raspberry, Simple syrup, Light rum...
Mexican Gentleman
Aged tequila, Dry sherry, Sweet sherry...
Pimm’s Cup
Gin apéritif, Lemon soda, Cucumber...
Gin, Lemon, Simple syrup...