Huckleberry, Bilberry, Whortleberry

Blueberries are small, sweet blue fruits that grow on bushes. They can be a medium dusty blue, violet, or deep black-blue. When muddled for cocktails, they create a brilliant red-violet shade, but the flavor can be delicate and easy to overwhelm with other ingredients.

What passes for a blueberry comes down to regional preferences – highbush blueberries, huckleberries, and bilberries are all members of the same family, and equally acceptable to use in drinks.

Berry jam

Cocktails that use Blueberry

Blue Dahlia
Blueberry, Mint, Basil...
Country Thyme
Thyme, Blueberry, Lemon...
Honey-Berry Lemonade
Strawberry, Blueberry, Raspberry...
Imperial Blueberry Fizz
Violet-berry liqueur, Blueberry, Cognac...
Pimm’s Cup
Gin apéritif, Lemon soda, Cucumber...
Summer Rose
Blueberry, Lavender syrup, Gin...