Coconut milk

Leche de coco

Coconut milk is made by expressing the liquid from the grated pulp of a mature coconut. It is typically sold unsweetened, although the milk itself is slightly sweet. Be careful with substitutions – coconut cream is too thick, and cream of coconut too sweet, for these recipes.

Coconut cream
Coconut rum
Coconut syrup
Coconut water
Cream of coconut

Cocktails that use Coconut milk

Beach Towel
Light rum, Simple syrup, Lime...
Coctel Noz de Coco Tropical
Brandied cherries, Cognac, Maraschino...
Aged rhum agricole, Overproof light rum, Pineapple liqueur...
Nilsson Schmillson
Gin, Sake, Lime...
Sport Pilot
Aged tequila, Mezcal, Falernum liqueur...
Terra Boa
Blanco tequila, Yellow herbal liqueur, Coconut milk...