Lemon soda

Gassosa, Limonata, Lemonade, Bitter lemon soda, San Pellegrino, Sanpellegrino, Sparkling lemonade, Cedrata

Lemon soda (just called “lemonade” in the UK and elsewhere) is a wonderful thing to keep on hand for easy, bright cocktails – particularly in seasons or regions where good citrus may not be readily available.

There’s a good deal of variation in lemon sodas. You can use any sweet or bitter type you like in most of these recipes; just be sure you know what you have, and look to the recipe notes for advice.

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Cocktails that use Lemon soda

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Bourbon Jam
Bourbon, Lemon, Berry jam...
Cypriot Brandy Sour
Brandy, Aromatic bitters, Lemon soda...
Giostra d’Alcol
Red wine, Bitter orange apéritif, Honey syrup...
Italian 75
Gin, Lemon soda, Sparkling white wine...
Lazy Tom
Gin, Lemon soda,
Max’s Mistake
Gin, Lemon, Passion fruit syrup...
Pimm’s Cup
Gin apéritif, Lemon soda, Cucumber...
Ginger ale, Lager,
White wine, Sparkling water, Lime...
Tinto de Verano
Red wine, Lemon soda,
Umeshu Cooler
Plum wine, Lemon soda,
Wisconsin Old Fashioned
Orange, Brandied cherries, Aromatic bitters...